PICS: ‘Evil muti’ causes panic in Northern Cape town

pics evil muti causes panic in northern cape town 1200x674 - PICS: ‘Evil muti’ causes panic in Northern Cape town

Kimberley – The discovery of an “evil piece of muti” has instilled fear and panic among residents of Ikhutseng, Warrenton.

The muti, in the form of a plastic cooldrink bottle, wrapped in red strips of cloth and shells, containing a red liquid and intestines, believed to be that of a chicken, was discovered by a 65-year-old Ikhutseng resident in her yard on Tuesday morning.

Varerie Mhizo said that she discovered the “evil piece of muti” on her lawn at around 7am on Tuesday morning.

A smaller glass bottle with a cork lid, containing a red, grassy substance, was also tied to the lid of the cooldrink bottle.

Mhizo said that she was awoken by the incessant barking of her dog and went outside to find the horrific object.

“I got a massive fright and was too scared to go too close. I suspect that someone wants to put a spell on me,” she stated.

By on Tuesday afternoon, dozens of community members, including children, had gathered in the yard and expressed their horror at the find.

“We don’t want theses kind of things here. We have never seen anything like it in Warrenton but we have seen similar muti on TV,” one resident said.

Others added that a lot of effort must have gone into making the muti and that it was not just your “run-of-the-mill” muti.

3648x2048?source=https%3A%2F%2Finm baobab prod eu west - PICS: ‘Evil muti’ causes panic in Northern Cape town
A plastic two-litre bottle containing chicken intestines has the community of Ikhutseng living in fear after it was left in the garden of one of the residents. Picture: Soraya Crowie/African News Agency (ANA)

“This is not just an average piece of muti. Someone must have taken a lot of time and effort with the ritual to collect and put together all the different elements contained therein, including a skinned chicken inside the bottle. And whoever asked for this muti must have paid a lot of money for it.”

The residents were too scared to touch the bottle and moved it around with broomsticks to inspect the contents, which they insisted was a skinned chicken.

“We suspect that whoever placed this muti here wanted to burn it but was interrupted by the barking of the dog,” they said.

The residents said that they would not be able to go to sleep before the muti was destroyed.

“We need a strong sangoma to remove and destroy this muti before dusk. We fear what will happen after dark, as the muti’s dark magic will take effect at nightfall.”

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