What you need to know when attending AFI Cape Town Fashion Week

what you need to know when attending afi cape town fashion week 1200x800 - What you need to know when attending AFI Cape Town Fashion Week

South African Fashion Week has come to an end and for those living in Cape Town and couldn’t make it up to Johannesburg for the shows, this week it’s your turn for back to back shows. 

African Fashion International Cape Town Week is taking place this week at the Cape Town International Convention Center, however, if you’re keen on the shows and have an eye on SA fashion, you’ll already know all of this and have your tickets!

So you have tickets to see your favourite designer and look forward to rubbing shoulders with other trendy fashionistas, fashion industry folk and hopefully get to meet a few of the designers. 

Having a ticket is the first step to attending fashion week but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re ready.

SAFWFRONTROw - What you need to know when attending AFI Cape Town Fashion Week
Front row during SAFW in Johannesburg. (Picture: SAFW gallery)

Here are few must-knows before you can step in front of the banner wall for your Insta pic: 

If you don’t know where the venue is, find out (Google maps is your friend). 

Know where to park (paid v free). A girl has to know how far she’s going to need to walk.

Make sure you DO NOT lose your tickets. There’s nothing worse than getting to the entrance and you can’t find your ticket. Know the times of each show and don’t be late. 

Plan your outfit in advance. It might not be the Oscars but you should at least put some effort into getting your look together. 

Bare the following in mind when you ask yourself “What will I wear?”: 

We’re slowly heading into winter, which means the weather and is unpredictable. It’s a good idea to wear or carry something you can easily slip on or off without ruining your entire look. 

Unless you’re one of the fortunate women who are comfortable in heels, then sneakers and flats are your best bet. You’re not always going to have a place to sit and should prepare yourself for a long day/night of standing.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. It’s the one event you can, in fact, go over the top without anyone blinking an eye.

How you choose your handbag to accessorize is as important and the right shoes, for different reasons of course. 

Forget about those tiny, micro bags. Unless you intend using it as a purse.
Your bag needs to fit essentials like a bottle of water, gum, tissues, lipstick, makeup spritz, cash and your tickets of course. 

Now all you have to do is mingle and have fun!

safwmingle - What you need to know when attending AFI Cape Town Fashion Week
Mingle and have some fun! (Picture: SAFW Gallery)

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