Taste test: Where to buy hot cross buns this Easter

taste test where to buy hot cross buns this easter 1200x1600 - Taste test: Where to buy hot cross buns this Easter
Thurpps & Co. (Illovo, Sandton)

Price: R25.99

When it comes to hot cross buns, the traditional ones will always be a favourite.

But we live in exciting times, where boundaries are pushed in the baking world and a s such, palates have become more adventurous and the options varied. 

Personally, anything with chocolate gets my nod, so  the idea of sampling chocolate-flavoured hot cross buns required no arm-twisting.

Filled with chocolate chips instead of fruit, the soft and fresh bun is brushed with a sweet glaze and topped with a white icing cross. 

It was the perfect marriage of complementary levels of sweetness.

It is light in consistency too. 

– Debashine Thangevelo

Woolworths Gluten Free hot cross buns 

Price: R39.99 – 4 pack

WoolworthsGluten FreeHotcrossbuns - Taste test: Where to buy hot cross buns this Easter
Woolworths Gluten Free hot cross buns.
The perfect hot cross bun is soft, fresh and has just the right amount of sweetness from the glaze finish to the raisins inside.

When opening the packaging I expect to get the subtle aroma of spices and when I bite into it I want that same flavour in my mouth.

I got none of that from this gluten-free hot cross bun.

First, there was no glaze, so the bun looks dry and the taste isn’t any better. 

Although the bun contains raisins, currents and sultanas it wasn’t enough to enhance the taste.

The worst part of the glutenfree hot cross bun is the cross. 

It is generally tasteless, however, the cross on this bun has the texture and taste of hard plastic. 

– Megan Baadjies 

737065613 - Taste test: Where to buy hot cross buns this Easter
Chocolate hot cross buns. Pic by Chris Collingridge
Pick n Pay’s Cranberry hot cross buns 

Price: R21.99

When you open the packaging, a gorgeous smell permeates the air.

The buns look and feel soft and well glazed, giving them a dark finish.

The array of spices used to make the buns lingers on the nose.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good things about these buns stop. 

For a product offering cranberry, there was very little in the bun.

The real disappointment I had is that they are tasteless, you cannot taste the cranberry flavour. 

To top it off, the bun was dry and tasted bland.

I suffered from a bad case of buyer’s remorse after this. 

– Lutho Pasiya
Woolworths vegan-friendly traditional hot cross buns 

Price: R24.99

Woolworthsveganfriendlyhotcrossbuns - Taste test: Where to buy hot cross buns this Easter
Woolworths vegan-friendly traditional hot cross buns.
The spiciness and authentic, traditional taste of these buns would  surprise many that they are vegan-friendly

You can taste the citrus peel  (orange and lemon) and even see  it’s colouration in the dough. 

The  white wheat flour also helps with the  traditional taste and, even if you’re  not vegan, you would enjoy this hot  cross bun without noticing it’s also  intended for people with this dietary  requirement. 

– Nathan Adams

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