#GameofThrones fashion ideas

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Now that everyone is in Game of Thrones mode- choosing the right outfit to wear to a viewing party-or when the episode airs in the comfort of your own couch- is essential.

Brendan Sturrock from Amanda Laird Cherry offers fans two options. Guests can go the traditional route and dress like their favourite character, or go for something contemporary.  If they go for the latter, they will need to do research on the current trends to combine with their character’s style.

GameofThronesfashionmale - #GameofThrones fashion ideas

“Taking the contemporary fashion route offers more comfort and allows guests to create their own style. For example,  males using Jon Snow for inspiration can create a look based on his style (his known for wearing black and long cloaks with fur) with something more up-to-date like a black puffer jacket.

GameofThronesfashionfemale - #GameofThrones fashion ideas

"Females who choose Daenerys Targaryen, who is known for her part Grecian style, can wear pastels, fitted dresses with gold accessories," he said.

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