Tough Mudder is back, along with your favourite obstacles

tough mudder is back along with your favourite obstacles 1200x676 - Tough Mudder is back, along with your favourite obstacles

Tough Mudder is back for its second year on African soil, taking place at Houwteq, Grabouw on the 19th October. This year brings with it a new course, more obstacles, and most importantly tons of mud.

The original Tough Mudder has grown into an international event with over 130 competitive and non-competitive events taking place around the globe each year that unite over 3 million people seeking a more engaging, communal form of active lifestyle.

This year’s course is set, and in addition to 8 new obstacles spread across the 8km and 16km courses, here’s a list of the crowd favourites from 2018…

Kiss of Mud

How low can you go? Taking on this 10m long low crawl under barbed wire means getting mud in all the right places and guaranteed to be muddy from the get-go.

Screen%20Shot%202018 09 17%20at%2012.50.00%20PM - Tough Mudder is back, along with your favourite obstacles

Pyramid Scheme

It requires a bit of plotting, but unlike its namesake, this obstacle is all about teamwork. Start with a strong base and scramble, climb, and push your way up a slippery incline with the help of your fellow Mudders

Arctic Enema

The baddest brain freeze on the planet – Mudders plunge head-first through a tight, dark tube into ice-laden water before having to upright themselves and duck under a barrier to get out on the other side.

Berlin Walls

There is one sign that you can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of toughness. Mudder, if you seek glory for you and your crew, if you seek to crush this 3m vertical climb. Then, muscle up, or get a boost, and tear down this wall.

The Block-Ness Monster

Only a real mudder hero could conquer this mythical beast on their own. For the rest of you it’s going take some serious teamwork to push and pull your way through this 12m long obstacle made up of two 7m wide rotating blocks floating in 1 1/2m of water.


You’ll need to be 50% Tony Hawk, 50% Sir Edmund HIllary, and 100% tough if you going to summit this slippery 4m tall quarterpipe. Why go all the way to Nepal when you could conquer this legend in your own backyard? No oxygen tanks required.

Electroshock Therapy

The last thing standing between you and the finish line is just a short, 10m muddy sprint through a field of dangling wires packing a punch at 10,000 volts. It’s their way of saying congratulations.

Intrigued? Go to to find out more and register. We dare you!

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