Eye doctor shares quick test to tell if you have astigmatism and need glasses

We’ve previously seen the photo of cars stopped at traffic lights, with coloured lines streaming off of the brake lights.

The message that normally accompanies this, is that if you see blurry lines like this while driving in real life, you are likely to have astigmatism.

According to The NHS website, astigmatism “means your eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football, so light is focused at more than one place in the eye”.

If you are wondering if this could be the case for your eyes, a doctor has recently shared another quick test that will help you work out if you have the common sight problem.

Dr Brittani Carver, an eye doctor from the Better Vision Optometric Center in Fayetteville US, has gone viral with a video all about astigmatism.

In the clip, under the username @bettervision, she explained: “Astigmatism is when your eye is shaped like an American football, it can cause blurry vision but can be corrected with glasses or contacts.

“Do you have astigmatism? Well, if you don’t know, let’s do a screening test to see.”

The doctor then shows a picture, featuring black lines around a circle, which looks a bit like a star.

She asks viewers to start by covering their right eye and looking at the picture with their left eye.

“What we’re gonna look at is the star here,” she says. “What we’re looking for is any lines that are darker or blurrier or stand out.

“If you see lines either up and down, side to side that are standing out, that is a screening test to let you know that you do have astigmatism.”

The expert adds: “Now, switch eyes and do the exact same thing.”

Dr Carver’s video has since been viewed more than one million times, garnering over 117,000 likes.

Thousands of people also commented on the clip, with one saying: “Have it in my left eye, but not my right.”

A second wrote: “Me still trying this test when I know I have astigmatism already.”

Another replied: “I see diagonal at four o’clock and 10 o’clock when I cover my right eye, what do I do now?”

Dr Carver answered the question: “That means you may have astigmatism and need an eye exam. Go and see your local optometrist.”

If you took the test and think you might have astigmatism, be sure to make an appointment to get your eyes tested soon.