Mississippi confirms that Brett Favre has yet to repay $600,000

Last May, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre faced serious questions about receiving $1.1 million in Mississippi welfare funds for work he didn’t do. This May, he hasn’t paid back the full amount of the money.

Via the Associated Press, Mississippi authorities confirmed on Tuesday that Favre has not yet paid back $600,000 that he promised to pay a year ago.

Favre promptly paid back large chunk of the money when the issue first arose.

“After the initial media dustup, he stroked a check for $500 grand and gave a commitment, a voluntary commitment, to repay the rest in the coming months,” Logan Reeves, a spokesman for Mississippi Auditor Shad White, told the AP. “And then, that didn’t happen.”

Favre, the AP notes, has not been accused of any crime.

Mississippi Today reported last week that Favre had not yet paid the remaining $600,000. Favre has yet to address the situation; a new episode of his weekly podcast has yet to debut.