Dad’s ‘disappointment’ over having a girl in gender reveal sparks debate

An expectant dad’s reaction to the gender of his new baby has divided opinions online.

Matt shared footage of his gender reveal party on TikTok, where he’s known as @matthb92.

In the clip that has been viewed more than 550,000 times, Matt and presumably his partner can be seen surrounded by their loved ones – all of which are clearly very excited to see the sex of the baby.

When the time comes to pop the balloon, Matt takes hold of it firmly as his partner pops it with a pin.

Pink balloons, confetti and silly string appear – indicating the pair are expecting a little girl.

But whilst the rest of the family are seen celebrating the exciting news, Matt simply throws the popped balloon on the floor and mutters something inaudible.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 6,000 likes and hundreds of comments from divided viewers.

One person wrote: “Don’t worry. Your daughter won’t want you either.”

“His daughter is going to be heartbroken when she sees this when she is older. Whatever biased opinions should disappear when you are having children,” another person commented.

A third person replied: “I hope his daughter doesn’t see this when she’s older. He is lucky to even have kids. I wonder what the family said after they stopped recording.”

But others took to his defence as they said there’s nothing wrong with having a preferred gender.

One person put: “At least he is honest, every man wants a boy if you already have a girl.”

“If I was the daughter seeing this I would it’s hilarious,” commented another viewer.

Whilst someone else wrote: “Just because he was disappointed doesn’t mean he’s going to love the baby any less.”