Aaron Rodgers gets the FOX late afternoon slot Week One, whether with Packers or Broncos

The FOX late Sunday afternoon game in Week One is always one of the premiere games of the NFL schedule. Last year, that’s where the league put Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees in their first matchup as NFC South rivals. This year, that’s where the league is putting Aaron Rodgers — whether he’s with the Packers or the Broncos.

The Packers are reportedly playing the Saints in the FOX late afternoon Sunday game in Week One, while the Broncos are reportedly playing the Giants.

That would put Rodgers in one of the most significant games of the 2021 NFL schedule, regardless of whether Rodgers remains in Green Bay or gets traded to the team that has been most linked to the Packers as a potential trade partner.

We still don’t know whether Rodgers is going to play at all this season, but if he does, the most likely options are remaining with the Packers or getting traded to the Broncos. In either case, he’ll be playing at 4:25 p.m. ET on FOX in Week One.