Woman infuriates people with her unusual pronunciation of Marmite

There’s nothing that can rally a group of p***ed off Brits more than someone who isn’t from the UK pronouncing something wrong. We all know it’s true.

You know, us cultural Brits who always make the effort to learn other languages when we travel abroad and make sure are pronunciations are perfect.

Anyway, you might remember the American woman who set the Karens of TikTok alight when she accidentally mispronounced the name of popular coffee shop chain Caffe Nero.

She’s only gone and done it again – except this time she’s offered up a rather unique pronunciation of the UK’s most divisive spread.

TikTok influencer Reagan Yorke recently moved to London from Los Angeles and has been documenting all the elements of British life which she finds confusing, from towel heaters to kettles. For real, most people in the US don’t use kettles apparently.

In her most recent video, titled ‘Common things in a UK house I’ve never seen before,’ Reagan starts off by talking about these “super hot metal bars” in every bathroom in the UK before noting that every electrical outlet has an on and off switch. Who knew that was a UK thing?

“Every pool in the UK is underground, that’s why you never see them,” she adds, although we reckon she’s going to be pretty disappointed when she realises that most people in Britain actually live in flats or apartments, not mansions with pools.

She then gives a nod to the kettle by saying she’d “found this weird metal pot,” that she’s “not sure what it’s for,” before moving onto double flushers in the bathroom. You know what she’s talking about.

But, while British people were pretty irked about the American’s perspective about pretty much every aspect of a British home, they were most upset with her pronunciation of controversial spread Marmite.

“And the worst one, guys, literally Marmite, what is this?” she asks, but instead of pronouncing how Brits would, like ‘Mar-might’, she says ‘Mar-meet.’ Yep, Mar-meet.

“Marmeat?! I’m sorry.. MarMITE,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Marmeet?! Everyone has pools?! U wot?!”

Guys, wait ’til she finds out about Bovril.